A lifetime history and real-time monitoring service for your electric vehicles.


Battery Passport delivers real-time monitoring of electric vehicle batteries, reporting problems affecting performance and battery life, whilst building a detailed history.

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Maintain battery health with intelligent reporting

Battery Passport’s intelligent reporting provides detailed information and alerts so you can monitor battery health and respond to any issues straight away.

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Provide confidence with your data-driven battery history

Battery Passport provides a comprehensive ‘passport’ for your battery,tailored for the energy storage market, giving the secondlife sector the confidence to purchase your battery.

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Patented security device provides verified assurance

Battery passport incorporates a patented intrusion detection device to stop people manipulating data, so a battery can be advertised as verified by CyberSecurity that no tampering has taken place.

Battery Passport can work with almost any vehicle or energy storage solution.

The disposal of electric batteries is governed by legislation to ensure they are disposed of ethically. Battery Passport provides verified confidence, enabling batteries to be reused in a second life, once they are no longer suitable in a vehicle.
When a battery reaches its end-of-vehicle-life it is the electric vehicle manufacturer’s responsibility to arrange suitable disposal.

The vast majority of these batteries have around 70% capacity remaining, meaning they can have a second life in the energy storage solution market, for example in schools and homes.

The biggest challenge for the second-life market is identifying the quality of the battery without a detailed technical assessment, costing time and money.

Battery Passport allows buyers in the second-life market to see battery data, including a detailed history, so they can buy with confidence.

In turn, Battery Passport helps electric vehicle manufacturers to find customers for batteries at their end-of-vehicle-life, creating new revenue streams and removing disposal costs.

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